Happy Grow Lucky provides lighting sources from industry leaders such as Hydrofarm, Raptor, Phantom and Xtrasun.


What type of hydroponic or organic nutrients do you use? We carry all major brands and even local nutrient brews.

CO2 Refills

New tanks sales and refills are available every day of the week. Swap out an empty CO2 tank for a brand new one.


CO2 controllers, light controllers and other electronics are available to help automate and simplify your grow room operation.

Growing Medium

Rockwool, hydroton, premium soil specifically designed for controlled grow environments -- we have them all.


From organic to industrial, our selection of pesticides and insecticides can help fix the issues you're having with your grow room.
Happy Grow Lucky is a family-operated business located in Conifer, Colorado. Whether you're just trying to rid your houseplants of insects, or setting up a full size indoor garden, we have the highest quality products. As the only authorized Hydrofarm dealer in the Evergreen/Conifer area, we are able to offer you the most selection at the best price. We serve the mountain areas of Conifer, Evergreen, Pine, Bailey, Aspen Grove as well as the foothill communities of Lakewood and Littleton.